Thursday, March 1, 2012

Think Outside the Bottle

As we move from winter to summer my mind wanders throughout the day of spring trips I would like to do. Time to dust off the equipment and see what fun I can have. Half of the fun can be a game of what can I do with the equipment I have. I am always playing the game of what equipment can drop a few ounces. I picked up a small, cheap scale from harbor freight that does the trick for me. There is always a use for it from testing new equipment or new ideas of equipment. Today's test revealed how I could shave off a half pound.

 For our canyon hikes typically we need about three liters of water for our ridge hike. I have used three nalgenes . I weighed them this week and discovered one nalgene weighs 6.2 oz and the three altogether is 18.6 oz. In the past camelbaks had a bad taste to the water that I did not like. I tested one recently and could taste and see many new features. The taste is good even if you let it sit over night and the arms already installed on them for drying is very convenient. The quick link click off tube is nice for loading and filling the reservoir. The Camelbak Antidote holds the 3 liters that I typically do.

That said it weighs in at 6.9 oz. The one last hurdle I had was that I like to have a separate sports drink at dinner once we have set up camp. My solution to that is the platypus water bottles. They collapse nice and compact for storing dry while hiking and then can be used for around camp. The one liter platypus only weighs 1oz. I also like the idea of having more than one way to hold water just for insurance if I break or puncture one. This year for camping it looks like I can shave off 10.7 oz just by changing how I carry my water, and have the capability to have more water once I am at camp. Not a bad change up.                                                  

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